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Who are we?

"The Safe Space" Podcast was created by the students of the Imani Center who were searching for ways to have the youth voices of Irvington, New Jersey heard. Each week, we search for topics that are important for the youth and give voices to those topics. We invite young members of community to come onto our podcast weekly to explore and discuss topics with us. 

Come join us each week for The Imani Center's "The Safe Space" Podcast.


This week's episode!

Join us this week to talk about sexual assault awareness.

Share your thoughts, stories, and feelings!

Interested in joining us on the conversation? Let us know!

Share your story!

Share your thoughts, feelings, and stories on the current events, traditions, social media or whatever you would like to share. 

Only your nickname be said

Thank you for sharing your truth


What do the students say?

Empty Classroom

Irvington High School

Due to the care that is provided by the staff workers and the knowledge given to me through  them, I was able to transcend in academics and every other challenges that came my way.


Irvington High School

Despite the fact, I have only been in this program for three months, it has  transformed me into someone who's willing to make something out of an opportunity.  If it hadn't been for this program, I would have missed opportunities currently and generally towards my future. 


Irvington Highschool

The Bridge is our safe place, it's a place where we go about our problems, and know that we won't be judged. They are a place where you are loved, a place that cares about you having a good future, a place that cares about your mental health.  A place where the people  never give up on us because they fight for us.

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